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The 2014 Nebraska Choice Gas selection period starts April 11, 2014 and runs through Thursday, April 24, 2014

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You've asked and we've listened!  
Our exclusive 2-year
WinterGuard® price option is back! 

With our exclusive 2-year WinterGuard® price option, you can take comfort in knowing your total monthly natural gas bill is guaranteed not to change for up to two years!* 

We understand that not all of our customers have the same needs, so whether you’re looking for a Fixed Rate, an Index Rate or our exclusive WinterGuard option, call SourceGas Energy Services – we’ll make it easy for you to find the right price option for you.

:: Fixed Rate per Therm — this option locks in your commodity rate per therm for the entire year. Your gas bill will vary each month depending on how much gas you actually use.

:: WinterGuard® — exclusively from SourceGas Energy Services, your customized WinterGuard quote includes all of your gas-related charges (commodity, distribution charges, customer charges, and state & local taxes and fees). Based on current gas prices, your own consumption habits and normal weather, your WinterGuard monthly amount is Guaranteed Not to Change all year regardless of what the weather or natural gas prices might do.*

:: Market Index with a Cap — a market-based option, your commodity price per therm will change each month based on the Colorado Interstate Gas (CIG) Rocky Mtn. first-of-the-month published price. You’ll benefit if gas prices go down, but be automatically protected when prices are high, because you’ll never pay more than the cap price per therm.

Call SGES today at 800.215.3035 — we’ll help you find the right price option for you!

SourceGas Energy Services reps are available year-round to assist you.
* Subject to WinterGuard Terms and Conditions.

Choice Gas
ends April 24!

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